August 31, 2011

goodbye winter

A Room with a View (???)

some tomatoes

... and good riddence to ya!

August 22, 2011

parks and recreation

I am bad at blogger. How all those proper bloggers manage to update with such regularity I may never understand, but in the meantime Ill continue my sporadic attempts to regale you with talk of the weather along with pictures of my friends & their dogs. So many good dogs! You know, its still technically winter here but the suns been shinin' down, regardless ...

August 6, 2011

wet weather timetable

I had big plans for today but all this rain and thunder seems determined to keep me indoors. Instead I think we'll stay in bed: drink some tea, read a bit, watch a film, pretend like I enjoy winter (now that the end is nigh). I even have some left over cauliflower chickpeas & chorizo soup in the fridge. Yup! Its my new favorite. So thats settled then. And what about you, what will you do today?

PS - Recipe here.

August 2, 2011

family ties

seafood cet

We're a proper little family now that I'm a Ranga too.
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