February 21, 2012


Two outtakes from last weeks shoot.

These were actually of my favorites from the day but, being the only portrait orientated of the bunch, they missed the final cut.

That's ok though. This way I don't have to decide which of the two is my favorite.


February 17, 2012




Last weekend I was lucky enough to shoot a little lookbook for my friend Rhiannon's jewellery line Two Hills. All the pieces are so good but I can't stop thinking about that Semi-Circle+Triangle type ring in the first picture. Dream Ring! (Rhi, you can consider this as my official order).

Anyway, it was such a fun shoot & Im really happy with how they all turned out! Theres a few different images from the day over on her online shop, too, if you're interested.

February 15, 2012


I got my grubby little paws on some manner of iPhone again (thanks Ben Pell!) so have finally entered The Cult Of Instagram.

Are you on there too? My names bawkbawk over in those parts, if you please.
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