June 27, 2011

a comic genius

dog shaped bump

Whatever you guys, my dog is hilarious!

1/ Same face I did when I first saw this photo.
2/ The dog sized lump when I make my bed of a morning.
3/ With her head stuck through a hole at the bottom of my bedroom curtain.
4/ Scared face because 4 month old Levi is full hectic and getting all up in her grill.
5/ Blue Steel.

June 19, 2011


amy (& the silent entourage)

women & childrens wardBoarding at Dhaka

The Cow and The Pond - Betgari, Bangladesh

Reading that Heather is currently in Bangladesh got me feeling all nostalgic about the month I spent there back in 2007. Such an intense, overwhelming, amazing place!

June 8, 2011

beach dog beach dog beach dog kiss


More of the same from this weekend just gone. The first days of winter. Leaving the city is so nice & Ive really been lucking out with so many nice places to visit lately. Thanks, friendly friends!

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