July 27, 2010

cinque terre (part one)

Cinque Terre was all sorts of amazing, I only wish I had stayed for longer. Nonetheless, my time there (just 1.5 days!) was punctuated with endless declarations of 'this is the best moment of all time' followed minutes later with 'ok no, THIS is the best moment of all time'. My first such declaration was made within a few minutes of my arrival in the first of the five towns, Riomaggiore, as I sat on the waterfront eating fresh figs wrapped in prosciutto and the worlds most delicious peach while my feet dangled in the Mediterranean Sea (I jumped in a few minutes later!), and the last was made around 2am while at a hidden cove, swimming in water sparkling with bioluminescent plankton. It was a good day.

July 23, 2010



(so many cliche romantic couples sipping champagne whilst watching the sunset. equal parts funny/awkward!)


= A blazing sun, gelati & Art History nerd outs.

July 21, 2010


cinque terre

this this thish itshis thishis tsit hishistthis. shiiiit.
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