September 28, 2010

a minor place


Walking from my gaff to the little cafe just down the road (for coffee and french toast w/ rhubarb & pistachio mascarpone om nom nom nom!) and then back again. All "ugly" 1970's brick houses besides victorian terraces besides big old wooden things. Thats why I like it here. Oh, and for all the fruit trees in yards waiting around for me to come and (sneakily) harvest!

Melbournians, did you know you can find (and help others find) nearby fruit trees by using this map? Or this one?

Everyone else- I bet a similar thing exists for your city too (and if not you should start one)!

September 25, 2010

hello peach


Really & truly, I try my hardest not to turn this blog into a full time dog-fest but sometimes you'll just have to indulge me, okay?

September 15, 2010



Dawn (of handmadelove fame) and some of her friends came over to my house on the weekend - for cups of tea and coffee, some TV & a quick ride on the swing set. Aren't they the cutest?! & they brought delicious homemade cakes too... such dreamboats! Even the dogs were in love. Dawn was even brave enough to trust me with her big fancy dSLR. I.. I dont think I'd ever even touched one before. They are so scary! And confusing! Anyway, there's some of those pictures on Dawn's blog here and here, if your interested!? Poppy even makes an appearance. Hurray!

September 5, 2010

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