August 8, 2013



August? Ugh! 2013, you are too much. Herein lies an attempt at a life update:

Firstly (as those that follow me on instagram already know), I went to Sweden! Three weeks away with Apryl, visiting our friend Helen who has been living there for some years. We spent the first half of our trip in Stockholm, where we subleased an apartment in the suburbs and spent our time picnicking, swimming, sleeping in, cycling, eating foods, and generally exploring the city at a leisurely pace.

Sadly just a few days into our trip I received word from home that Meg had suddenly fallen ill, having displayed some difficulty walking one evening which digressed to complete immobility by morning. Friends rushed her to the vet but there was no hope, and there she died being petted and loved by three of my dear friends. Meg was 16 years old, a real sweetheart and a friend. The quiet of her absence was such a sad thing to come home to. She is missed.

But, as they say, the show must go on. The second half of our time away was spent cruising, sailing, summerhouse-ing, sunning and exploring. Sweden is really, really good at summer and I did, dead kittens aside, have a really great time. Promise.

And then… three days after I arrived home I was, how do you say, hit by a car while cycling home from work? I wont say much about the accident other than that I was lucky to get out of it so lightly, all things considered. A collarbone broken in two places, some impressive bruising, a few stitch behind my ear and then, two weeks later, a very small subdural haematoma - a bleed on the surface of my brain – the delayed result of head trauma from the collision. Its been four weeks now of hospital, pain, shuffling from bed to couch and back again,  learning to function with just one arm, and then more (new, worse) pain, more hospital, being really sick and sleeping for a whole week (all this while being looked after really well by excellent babes), and now, finally, healing slowly. 

Yes, really. Half a glass. See?
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