April 21, 2011

Other Peoples Houses

Look - Thats my name up there along with a whole heap of super clever people. We're all going to be part of a fair dinkum, dinky die, ridgey didge, actual proper, full legit, IRL exhibition! I bet itll be great, but its in london so I wont be able to make it. Maybe you can though? That'd be swell!

April 19, 2011

the end of summer


cone of shame

Brunswick Laneway Harvest

1/ My housemate & the dogs all perched on my bed. A saturday morning (wine & beer bottles remain from a wee party I'd accidentally hosted in my room the night before - I dont usually drink in bed, I swear!).

2/ Bruschetta. Yum. I ate a whole lot of it this summer, always with tomatoes from my garden.

3/ The Peach. Doing what she does best (ie. living a life of luxury & looking cute).

4/ Nu. Sporting The Cone of Shame (skin allergies) whilst practicing her whistful gaze.

5/ Maggie. Crylaughing after posing for this set of photos.

6/ Fruit & Vege. Picked while walking the back laneways of Brunswick & used to make jam / feed folks for my birthday dinner.

7/ Frank. Feeling snoozey.

April 11, 2011


strange fruitgrumpypicnikfile_DZR8IXDISLIKE

I was recently pulled up for neglecting my cat, Meg, around here. And I must confess, its true- the poor thing suffers from a severe case of chronic bitchface, so is often over-looked in favor of the peach when the camera is out.

Credit where credits due though, right? Meg is about seven thousand years old (15-ish?) and has gallantly endured more than her fair share of puppy insanity over the last few years. As the matriarch of the family, she can scare the hounds out of the best sun-baking spots with just a sideward glance but, secretly, I know she loves it around here. She's even just started sneaking under my doona these last few cold nights... Just dont tell her I told you that, the lady has a reputation to uphold!
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