August 2, 2010

when in rome



I met up with my homies Kelly & Ian while in Rome. It was hot, things were excellent - we got our tourist on, ate some delicious food, made endless bad jokes, stayed in a nice apartment and drank copious amounts of cheap wine (a bottle of red with breakfast? dont mind if I do!). 
We also spent crazy amounts of time obsessing over the tobacco gelato David Lebovitz had written about a few weeks earlier. We finally made it out to the store on our last day only to find that the freezer containing that flavour had conked out earlier in the day. No tobacco gelato for us, so sad! 


  1. looks like a great trip. i'd love to visit rome one day. great blog too.

  2. this must be the best photo-travel blog entry ever. seriously. ever.

  3. Hi there!
    I lUV LUV all your photos!! wish I had your camera.


  4. I love your images - beautiful!

    Travel photos are the best.

  5. Wow, your blog is GORGEOUS! So glad I found it (thanks to Cup of Jo!)...Rome is my favorite city and now all I want to do is go back...dang it!


  6. this is really a beautiful set.

  7. I love your blog! What film are you using on these photos? The contrast on the watermelon really stands out nicely!

  8. Really nice photos and lovely blog.
    I remember this window in Vatican :D am also preparing my film shots from Rome taken back in May. This is a good reminder I should just sit down and have it done


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