September 28, 2010

a minor place


Walking from my gaff to the little cafe just down the road (for coffee and french toast w/ rhubarb & pistachio mascarpone om nom nom nom!) and then back again. All "ugly" 1970's brick houses besides victorian terraces besides big old wooden things. Thats why I like it here. Oh, and for all the fruit trees in yards waiting around for me to come and (sneakily) harvest!

Melbournians, did you know you can find (and help others find) nearby fruit trees by using this map? Or this one?

Everyone else- I bet a similar thing exists for your city too (and if not you should start one)!


  1. What a pretty walk. I had to remind myself while looking at these photos that you're in Melbourne--the weather is moving toward Fall where I live, so seeing your Springtime photos is a lovely change.

  2. Lovely photos! I haven't been to a Minor Place in a long time - so yum. I didn't know about that fruit tree map - genius idea! I like the sound of a pomegranate tree near my house...!

  3. Hello darling!

    I love your photos. That does look super yummy! And those lemon trees are lovely! I hope the harvesting goes well, dear. ;) And, I love the photo of the daisies with the fence out of focus in the corner.


  4. oh my god, did you take all of these photos on this blog? you must have, they are so beautiful! i would love to do a photographer feature of your stuff on my blog, let me know if you are interested! do you have a flickr account?

  5. thanks Holly Anne & yes, they are all by me! You are more than welcome to do a feature on your blog and my flickr page is here. x

  6. Lemon trees in back yards, so amazing to a Brit!

  7. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  8. Well Hello! I think your blog is fantastic. Your photos are so beautiful. x Shilo :)

  9. i've been watching your blog! :) now am a fan of you! love the photos. :) the colors of the photo is amazing. :)

  10. I love seeing pictures of lemon trees, beautiful colors

  11. i am so glad I "discovered" your blog. It's so poetic. It conveys a sense of peace.

  12. beautiful! And I love the maps - I've never seen this before, what an awesome idea - I'd love to know if there was one for Sydney! Will have to scout out now.


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