November 7, 2011


Yesterday, inspired by the Issue One of The Plant Journal, I finally got around to dividing up the giant Staghorn Fern in our backyard.

Am feeling all doe-eyed & wishing I could lie in my bed forever, staring up at the silvery-green undersides of those leaves. Another reminder I should just DO STUFF instead of wasting oh, exactly 7 months just thinking about it. The usual story.


  1. what a fantastic name for a plant! ♥

  2. pretty stag horn fern! looks so pretty hanging from the wall and in a planter. it's always lovely to have a little bit of nature in the home.

  3. Now I feel bad. :)I have always wanted a house plant, but there is always some reason or other not too.

  4. Uh, so pretty! That's more than a plant, it's a work of art!

    Camila Faria


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