December 20, 2011


hello, you make no sense.

I am much better at flickr than I am at the blogs - but before the year is through I'll try to offload some of my 2011 photo surplus on this here space.

Q. How many Gratuitous Pictures Of My Italian Greyhound can you handle?


  1. The picture of your dog asleep is the most cutest thing ever!

  2. Since you asked, I could look at pictures of Poppy all day! The more the better - I am living with an iggy vicariously through you.

  3. That first picture is just absolutely amazing!

  4. I feel like the primary reason I go to your blog is to look at pretty pictures of your greyhound! Just like I feel like there must be some people who only go to my blog to look at heart-melting pictures of our kitten. ;)

  5. Oh, will take all Italian greyhoud pics you've got. Such a splendid dog. I have a rescue (big) greyhound. Remotely like your dog, I suppose.


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