July 12, 2010

the homecoming committee

1afternoon sunlight

home made breakfast beans (w/ egg & toast)

goodbye things


Re: Heading Home.

Mainly I worry that my excellent Italian Greyhound wont remember me. And that I'll have to get some boring job. And that I'm returning to yet another winter. But now I can move back into my old house again which is really great. Its a bit of a rickety old place, but I like it there nonetheless. I am so excited to see my friends (!), have all my things around me again, cook something in an oven, see how tall my cactus has grown,  watch crazies on trams, eat breakfast in my overgrown backyard, decorate my room, start some serious veggie growing, and do the million other things that are only able to be done properly in Melbourne.


  1. I know how you feel, and I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Your house and dog are adorable!
    ps welcome back to Melbs!

  3. your little dog is gorgeous! As are your photos, I have just found your blog via a link from this one:


    and I will definately be coming back, your photos are lovely


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