July 2, 2010


monstera deliciosa

I'm leaving Utrecht in 21 hours! This is sometimes good, sometimes bad. I guess I'm neutral? I hardly took any photos of this here city so the above few will have to do. In all honestly all but the last photo were taken within maybe 25 meters of my bed aha (and you can even see my roof in the last one)! Is that considered cheating? Whatever, I make the rules around here. Tomorrow I board a bus and with any luck will end up in Italy 25 hours later. I-T-A-L-Y PEOPLE! Not even 25 hour buse rides or the prospect of packing can crush my excitement.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love your photos - you have the most incredible eye...
    Good luck with that bus ride...what an epic journey you're about to make!

  2. oh oh oh your blog is splendid!
    just thought you ought to know!
    keep up the lovely posts x

  3. what is pins doing in utrecht?


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