August 28, 2012



Hello! Did you know I have a print shop? As in, like, an actual store on the internet from which you can order prints of my photographs that I will in turn print, package and send to your house, via post, in exchange for cash money?

Yep, I totally do!

In actual fact I set the shop up about a million years ago, in response to email requests I'd been reiceving, but never did mention it here because, well ... to be honest, my film archiving system for the last 15 years has been to shove each new packet of negatives into any one of four plastic tubs. Big, bulging tubs that I'd have to wade through for hours each time I sold a print! Needless to say, though I was always excited to see that someone liked one of my photographs enough to hang it on their wall, the whole process of actually MAKING the print filled me with a kind of dread.

But never fear, as the above picture suggests, this story DOES have a happy ending! I've spent the last ten thousand years (2 weeks?) sorting my negatives into little plastic pockets and neatly filing them away. Everything in its place. Phew. What a relief!

In fact, I even went one step further, changed up the graphics & ordered a whole heap of prints, so I have a bunch of stuff 'in stock', ready & waiting to go. Can you even..? Its been pretty good actually - Ive been getting my film scanned straight to disc for years, and so had never even seen most of my photos printed! AND EVERYTHING LOOKS SO MUCH NICER IN PRINT. WOAH!

So yep, I'd love it if you went and took a look over there. Let me know what you think, even. Is there an image you think I really should have listed? Did I do a spelling booboo somewhere? Is the whole thing just stupid and weird? Tell me!

(Oh, and you can order something too, if you like. I mean, no pressure... But if you did then I wont even be grumpy about it or anything. Promise. You can even order any of the images up there as 'custom prints' in a whole heap of sizes. Rad!).

While we're at it, why dont I just go ahead & offer a celebratory discount code? I mean, to celebrate the fact that you've read this far? How does 15% sound? Just add the code AHAPPYENDING at check out, if you wanna.

TL;DR - I was shit at life but am now slightly less so. Someone give me a medal. Also, you can buy prints of my photos here.


  1. Thank you for explaining what a print shop is. :P
    On a more serious note, I'm definitely check it out right away.

  2. hurray!

    i have a new home with empty walls...

    1. YES! This could be the beginning of a beautiful romance.

  3. awesome! very inspiring too; i know exactly how it is with the dread of dealing with mountains and mountains of stuff when you know it's just going to get worse over time. kudos!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog through they Oyster mag competition. Such gorgeous shots, keep it up!

  5. completely amazing! so happy for you :)

  6. just browsed your shop, incredible!

  7. Good work! In the last year I too feel like I'm less shit at life. I'm getting stuff done - high five!

  8. I surely acquiring more difficulties from each surprisingly more little bit of it Sticker printer Dublin


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