September 5, 2012

A Pattern Emerging

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A wet & windy walk, way back in May. I very nearly didn't share these images here, but finally remembered that a weekend in Queenscliff has become somewhat of a winters tradition around here. Remember last year, and the year before? Mustn't break with tradition now.


  1. these are so surreal...really beautiful. i'm prepping for a trip back to the pnw (washington and oregon state specifically) in november, and one of my favorite things to do is walk the coast when it's all rainy and blustery outside. that first photo is exactly how i remember the coast to be during those seasons.

    on another note - what camera are you using for these shots? they're splendid!

  2. Wow, this is just around the corner from me! Go figure!
    Sometimes I love nothing more than going out and looking at the ocean during winter and just appreciating how strong and ravenous it can really become.
    Cute dog!

  3. I'm glad you didn't withold these from us! They are stunning photographs

  4. I love wet and windy coast time! I live in Oregon, so it's mostly wet and windy always. Your photos bring back memories for me. So great

  5. The second last picture is real nice.

  6. wow..what a lovely place your blog..thanks for sharing.. ti.


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