October 16, 2012


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A walk along Merri Creek, an extreme effect from expired film and some important business being conducted over afternoon tea.

It's definitely love for me and my new camera & we've been quite busy together lately. Nothing I can share here just yet, but soon I hope...

Also, thanks to everyone for the positive response to my new Print Shop these last few weeks! Ive obtained perhaps an unhealthy level of enjoyment seeing my photographs shipped out all over the world. If it wasn't already blindingly obvious, I find this whole self-promotion caper to be particularly unnatural. Its something I really need to GET OVER at some point, though, and Im working on it slowly. So, uhhhh, thanks for bearing with me through my awkward flailing and for being lovely awesome non-trolly types around here, generally, come to think of it. You guys are alright!


  1. I love that last photo and congrats on your shop, how exciting!

  2. They're very nice: I can see why people are clambering to get their paws on them.

    I also hate promoting myself - I don't like it when people push their stuff onto me so I'm very conscious not to do that myself. Although, I tell myself that people who follow my social media must like my style, so I feel a bit less weird about it in that case.

    You know, if you ate interested in swapping prints for woody/aromatherapy things, I'd be up for that......:D

    1. Yes, I know what you mean - Im very scared of seeming pushy! Maybe its an Australian thing? But, of course, I follow lots of wonderful makers and sellers all over the internet, who manage to promote their wares in ways that I enjoy, so it can be done!

      And OHHH, I will definitely send you an email re: a swap!

  3. Totally lovely Jacinta, especially the last shot. You and your new camera are a perfect match, such sweethearts x

  4. awesome shots! I love that last one. and good on you for making that shop - it's something I'd love to be able to do one day... once that whole "takes beautiful photos" phase of life begins... that'll happen soon, right?

  5. I've heard about people using expired film and I didn't quite get it. I thought it was like drinking expired milk or something--no good could come of it. Thanks for showing me why anyone would bother. That plant is amazing in its wiltiness.

  6. so glad you are shipping all over the world, no surprise! hope it continues to go well. i always, always love your work!


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