November 12, 2012

A Unit of Measure

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From the week just past. We extended the Cup Day holiday, spending both Monday & Tuesday at my friend Dexters family's holiday house in Rye.

As it turned out we were a day late for swimming weather, but the rock-pools provided entertainment enough. The coat of 'fur' which covered the rocks that day was so thick & soft & made the place seem just a little surreal.

But it was so nice to visit the Mornington Peninsular for a change. I grew up in Geelong, so have a tendency to head in that direction come summertime. Though we were just across the bay, the coast here felt somehow different. Or just new, perhaps. Unfamiliar.


  1. the texture of that seaweed stuff is to die for! love the subdued colours in these photos.

  2. Is this place even real? Looks like something that can't actually exist.

  3. it is just BEAUTIFUL! a painting.

  4. These photos just made me to go away with a group of people. I love the colors....and the clouds!!

  5. love the up close photograph of the sea weed, it looks like fur!

    Lillian Spibey Photography

  6. I love this set of photos. The texture of the seaweed is amazing and I like the vintage feel of the photos. Just wondering which film camera did you use for this set?


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