May 5, 2010

old friends

My first real camera is dying a slow and painful death. In the last month I have spent some €75 replacing batteries that should usually last a year-ish but which kept running out within a day or two. Eventually I devised a crafty plan by which I kept the batteries in my pocket between uses. That seemed to do the trick and i had continued merrily on my way.

Fast-forward a week to when I just so happened to be sitting by a pond listening to a chorus of frogs (in the Gardens of Versailles, no less); I take a photo and the shutter doesn't close, another and it doesn't wind-on. Above are the results of a round of test shots I fired off before the camera appeared revived. I really love the second photo, a happy accident for sure.  

Sadly, though, half the shots from the same roll came back only half exposed, so I guess, after six years of faithful service, its finally time to retire the old bird. I've got a new (old) camera making its way to me now and I cant hardly wait.


  1. ohhhh... what kind of camera was it? at least it was a beautiful death-rattle it came up with - these are gorgeous i think, the dreamy shots here and also the half-exposed ones which kind of feel like i am peeking from behind something that is too tall for me.

    lovely blog.

  2. I see you ended up with something tried and true for your blog name ;)

  3. Beautiful photos Jammy! I am so happy you have a blog.

    Love form your biggest fan. x

  4. genevieve: it was a canon 3000v, my mother gave it to me for my 21st. I like your imagining like its peeking over things; maybe being just little bit cheeky.

    manda: i mixed that shit WAY UP by added an extra bawk in there, hey? i be so crazysexycool (& bawkbawk was already taken).

    apryl: Thanks Dollface, you the best! xoxoxooxoxoxo


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