May 7, 2010


So I now realize that I never truly got the whole carry-on about spring before experiencing my first in europe. Certainly, there exists a direct correlation between this and its having immediately proceeded the daily death which was my first european winter but, hey, isn't that the whole point anyway?

Whatever, take a look at those photos. Yellow, Pink, Yellow, Pink, Pink, Yellow, Pink. Spring here is pretty great!

And so I got to thinking those crazy Dutch have this whole thing particularly down pact because approximately seventeen million tulips and/or daffodil's sprung wild from each square meter of urban parkland, median strip or tiny patch of grass. Andandand! then one day last week temperatures reached 28°(82F) which was finally hotter then it was in Melbourne that day, even. Oh, it was glorious.

Was. Its over now. It started raining a week ago today and hasn't stopped since. Today I checked and all the flowers have gone, too. Weather forecasts predict this continuing forever. Now, I realize this is possibly gods way of punishing the dutch for their lax drug laws and colossal sex industry. Or maybe the dutch government figured the only way anyone would ever stay and allow themselves to be subjected to such cruelty is if they were really, really, stoned and could easily get laid whenever the mood struck but whatever the explanation, the australian in me 'reckons this is bullshit, mate'!

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