May 23, 2010

salt beef bagel

Can I confess and say I didn't think much of London the first time around? Well, it's true & so there was but one thing spurring my return: Salt Beef Bagels! And whilst I can happily report my having liked London much more the second time around, these guys still hold special place in my heart. Kind of gross. Mainly amazing.

I think locals pretty much have this one covered, right? Well then, Dear Tourist; get yourself and three quid down to brick lane RIGHT NOW (did I mention its open 24hrs?) and be sure to say yes to pickles and mustard! You can thank me later.


  1. I never had the salt beef but I heard good things. My favorite hangover cure was the cream cheese and salmon. I ate that a plenty and really that place was so inexpensive in comparison to other London eateries.


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