June 14, 2010

chicken fever (its kind of like the bird flu except way better)

So anyway, about Chickens? Im crazy for them. They turn your food scraps into delicious things to eat! Sometimes those things are blue! They're hilarious! They poop out garden fertilizer! They say "bawk bawk bawk"! Some have boofy hairdo's! They strut! Their butts are fluffy! They help get rid of snails and slugs and grubs and things! They're Cute! They're Cute! They're Cute!

This is to say that the part of my brain that should be focused on things like, oh I don't know, finishing my degree or organizing ways to ensure Im not entirely broke, homeless and unemployed when I return home (a month today!) are busy considering crafty coop designs and hilarious chook name combinations. Doomed.


  1. i love these images! this is the kind of blog i want all blogs to be!

  2. Am sharing these images on my blog at http:merewether-life.blogspot.com
    please Ben

  3. uh ben, was that a question or an order?

  4. i like swans and your swan photos, but i have to say i LOVE chickens! gah! these pictures are just too good!

  5. Hey, I agree with the chickens, I have two little bantam hens called Matilda and Whilomena they are the focus of way too many of my thoughts!

    XO In Her Nest

  6. your blog is sooo much fun and surprising I find myself oooooing and ahhhhing! What camera(s) do you use, the pictures are extraordinary :D


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