June 9, 2010



Do you love markets? I do! One of my favorite things to do in a new city is go check out the pretty/crazy/weird produce on offer at a local market (plus stall holders are always a bit loopy and, thus, the best fun to talk to). In Holland its about flowers, all the time & its pretty hard not to be cheery about that. Same goes for any market containing morel mushrooms or fancy cheeses. In other cities, depending, you could find fancy spices, salted mango, scorpians or seahorse skewers (alas, i cant find my picture of that right now!), crickets, dildos, tiny birds, big birds, bunnykitten combosfish, fish and more fish or mountains of meat. Yep, you might have to hold your nose along your judgement, but thats all part of the adventure, no?

1 comment:

  1. love these photos. love fresh produce markets. i am so in love with mushrooms/fungus and yellow flowers at the moment.


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